don’t you know,
there are ugly scars beneath this skin.
if you get too close i’m afraid you will see things that will make you regret the decisions you have made regarding me. i don’t want to be on your list of mistakes.

i only want you to see me in the right light; when i can be sure you won’t see my mind unfold in the worst possible way, when i can be sure my brokenness, inside and out, is safely hidden away.

i can’t allow you to see me when it gets dark, when the moon lights up the sky,
because darling don’t you know;
i take my bracelets off at night.

i can’t let you in; i’m scared you will leave like all the rest. i’m so sorry, i just can’t get hurt again. (via misplacedpens)
somewhere between my house and yours
there was a moment
where i thought of loving you again
and there was the moment that i gave up
the ultimate high and the painful low
they dont seem so different in my head
but the way that my body aches
reminds me that you were my life
and if i let go i have to find a new one
but even if i hang on, i will just end up lost
its time that i find someone
instead of being lost for you


(the journals of us)

you think of this as a milestone, as a huge part of your life that you’d look back on once you’re old and grey and bedridden. but it’s not. it won’t really matter. you’ll be with the same people you don’t necessarily hate, but don’t like either. you’ll meet people you’d learn to hate. it’s sad because school’s becoming more synonymous to social life than education. but this not really mattering once you’re old and grey and bedridden doesn’t really matter to you right now. because there’s only your knees buckling right now, heart thumping, mind racing. your senses are heightened and everything seems zoomed in. so burn that magnifying glass and look at the bigger picture.
MJLno one hears quickened breaths in this loud world (request)
My father tells me that I’m too loud
but he hasn’t yet figured out that
I inherited it from him,
that some traits were passed down

to his daughters
even though he wanted to see them

in sons.

Had I been a boy, he would’ve told me

to shout louder,

the the world wants to hear

what a man has to say.

I’ll keep shouting until someone listens,
until I wake up god from a peaceful
night’s sleep.

He created all men equally,
where do I fit in?
Jasmin R, Untitled (via larmoyante)

Wow. I guess it’s just something you do. Hope you have a great damn life sir. Meanwhile I’m going on dates every so often with an amazing person, not posting provocative pictures of myself on a social media website. Wow, oh wow. Fuck, didn’t think that’d hurt me so much, but ya know what I’m pretty damn happy now. Not sure about this guy too much, he’s a friend. But he makes me pretty fucking happy when he talks to me and is with me, so yeah dude, that fucking hurt, but I’m happy now.