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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about this Ed Sheeran writing the song "Don't" about Ellie Goulding? :/


I think it’s hilarious that someone actually started the rumor that it has anything to do with Ellie, and even more hilarious that people and media are perpetuating that it’s true. They didn’t even fucking date, let alone have a serious relationship. If anything, they might have been friends with benefits for like a week, but seeing how pissed off Ellie got when the dating rumors were going around after the VMAs, I highly doubt anything at all actually happened. So it’s ridiculous to believe that Ellie would have not only “cheated” on him, but done it in such a terrible way to cause a whole song to be written about her. (SIDE NOTE WHEN WOULD SHE EVEN HAVE THE TIME TBH). Let’s look at her character. She’s been in several long term relationships and has never cheated on her partners. When she did have a bad breakup (with Greg) for whatever reason, she wrote a few songs about it, but asked his permission before releasing them. She still cared about him despite the bad breakup. I know her quite well (as a fan), and she is a truly caring and wonderful human being. There’s no way to know for sure if they did or did not date (although I really don’t believe Ed’s “confession” of their relationship in that interview for a second), but I do know that there is no way on this fucking earth Ellie would do something so horrible as his song indicates. I don’t think it was him that started the rumor; if anything, it could have been his PR or simply someone who doesn’t care about either of them. If he ends up saying anything about it though, I hope he clears the air, because Ellie does not in any way deserve the shit she’s getting for this.


if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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why are blonde jokes so short?

so men can remember them

this took an unexpected turn

Not if you just asked for directions.


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some people are winning olympic medals right now and i can’t get out of bed

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She wears short skirts 
I wear gold shirts
She’s cheer Captain
But I’m Captain of the USS Enterprise suck it

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